Dusseldorf, 23 September – 24 October 2015

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Materials are the thematic focus of a number of Lieblingstuhl's exhibitions and projects. This also always includes an exploration of the technical and creative challenges the materials pose and the design options they offer. This time, the "material" is ECOR.

ECOR is an innovative, biobased board-like material made out of cellulose fibres and agricultural by-products. It is also what is known as a cradle-to-cradle product. C2C describes a form of cyclical resource usage that seeks to avoid waste and minimize inefficient energy consumption as much as possible. ECOR is fully biodegradable and 100% non-toxic. It was developed by sustainability pioneer and architect Robert Noble from San Diego. In 2014 ECOR won Bronze in Edison Awards Sustainable Systems category.
As part of the Lieblingsstuhl Design Initiative 2015, students at the Academy of Fine Arts created nine chairs made out of the material ECOR which are now the subject of this exhibition. Confronted with this challenge, the nine young designers embarked on a journey of discovery into what the material is capable of and what possibilities it offers as they sought to "submit" it to their personal design aesthetic. The sustainability of the material added a totally new dimension to the creative process, since it forced the designers to exert discipline in their designs. Thus, originality, aesthetics, functionality and innovation were complemented by the additional design principle of sustainability.
With this exhibition and the Lieblingsstuhl Design Initiative 2015, Lieblingsstuhl is supporting the future of design.

Let yourself be inspired by the uniqueness and creativity of the ECOR chairs and discover how new materials pave the way for innovative design experiments. 


VERNISSAGE: 23 September 2015, 6 - 8 p.m.



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